Alteon SSL and Dell PowerConnect

Dan Pfleger dpfleger at
Wed Dec 8 22:42:08 UTC 2004

 > Dell PowerConnect switches
 >  assume I need to copy a script and edit the Expect to use
 >  the correct dialog for those devices, which would be very
 >  similar to the existing Alteon and Cisco scripts.

Hi Bryce,
I had done made dlogin/drancid stuff from the default Cisco scripts for the 
Power Connects when then came out about 18 months back (original 
3000/3200/5000 series).  It was a pretty quick change in the original 
files, but sadly within 6 weeks/months Dell changed the firmware, commands, 
prompts changed drastically.  When I asked the sales rep, he said that was 
"part of the strategy because they out-sourced various platforms to 
different OEM manufacturers to get me the lowest price."  Also, the 
terminal emulation was not 100% consistent and would hang about once couple 
weeks, so be forgiving in your pattern-matching.

I lost interest in continuing to maintaining them for even personal use 
because it was a real pain keeping up with their changing syntax per 

Shouldn't be too tough to get something that will be functional, but making 
something for the main distribution would be a headache to test and maintain.

Best of luck,

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