catos on cat5500 issues

Yuval Ben-Ari yuvalba at
Fri Feb 20 20:42:36 UTC 2004

a late reply to this discussion.

I already reported the missing "set logging session disable\r" while
clogin is in 'run_commands' mode (-c) but could not find where it was
missing. Just now added it to run_commands as well, I do see one minor
things now if I run clogin -c to cat5500 switch it will send the command
twice, this is output from clogin -c 'sh alias' cat55:

cat55-u-a> (enable)
cat55-u-a> (enable) set length 0
Screen length for this session set to 0.
cat55-u-a> (enable) set logging session disable
System logging messages will not be sent to the current login session.
cat55-u-a> (enable)  set logging session disable
System logging messages will not be sent to the current login session.
cat55-u-a> (enable)sh alias
No command aliases configured.
cat55-u-a> (enable) exit
Connection closed by foreign host.

Any idea why it is being sent twice ? (before I added it to run_commands
it would not be sent at all)

Regarding the spanning tree changes.
I was having similar problem with constant "set spantree portvlancost"
config changes.
I had to filter on cat5rancind by adding following line inside sub
        /^set spantree portvlancost/ && next;

In any case I don't think you want to disable spanning tree anywhere.
It is there to protect the network from loops.
What if someone in your network will manage to loop 2 ports ?  if stp
will be off it could melt down the network.
The real problem is why port cost config keeps changing when ports go
down and up which should probably be a question to Cisco.


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> I've just started to play with Rancid and am still learning on how
> to do the tuning part of it.  The issue that I'm currently having
> appears to have been around for awhile based on past email on this
> list, but I didn't see a solution posted, so I thought I'd bring it
> up again.
> This is using the rancid 2.2.2 against a Cisco Catalyst 5500 running
> CatOS 6.3.5.
> The first issue is that it appears that some of the commands from 
> clogin aren't being sent when cat5rancid is being run.  Part of 
> the diff that is sent to me is:
> + 2004 Feb 18 16:06:58 MST -07:00 %PAGP-5-PORTFROMSTP:Port 11/15 left
> bridge port 11/15
> So, while rancid was grabbing the config, someone disconnected their
> machine and it got logged to the telnet session.  From clogin, around
> line 751 there is this section of code:
>         # If the prompt is (enable), then we are on a switch and the
>         # command is "set length 0"; otherwise its "term length
>         # 0".
>         if [ regexp -- ".*> .*enable" "$prompt" ] {
>             send "set length 0\r"
>             send "set logging session disable\r"
> And when I run 'cat5rancid -d boulder-cat3' and look at the raw file, 
> I never see the second line above being output.  
> It could be that this section of code is never being hit as I'm not
> sure if the $do_script is valid coming right above this section of
> code.  
> It could be taht the second logging line needs to be inserted in the
> run_commands code at line 487.  Has anyone done this or does it break
> other platforms?
> And the second, and maybe easier issue, is that after people 
> disconnect
> from the switch other lines in the config change which cause 
> email to be
> sent.  Some of those lines would look like this in the diff output:
> - set spantree portcost
>   2/1,2/3,2/5,2/11,2/14,2/16-19,2/21,2/26-27,2/34,2/38,2/40-42,2/46-48
>   200000 mst
> + set spantree portcost
> 2/1-2,2/4,2/6-10,2/12-13,2/15,2/20,2/22-25,2/28-33,2/35-37,2/3
>   2000000 mst
> This is on the same Catalyst above.  Is there a way to filter 
> this not 
> being sent and/or being collected as a diff?
> Thanks.
> -jason ornstein

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