Rancid crashing routers/remove commands

Hopper, Faron W. faron.hopper at capgemini.com
Thu Dec 29 21:01:33 UTC 2005

Just my .02, any vendor who sells a product that cannot keep up with a
telnet session should be re-evaluated and phased out.  I have been using
rancid for 6 months to a year on all types of equipment and have not had
any problems.


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On Thu, Dec 29, 2005 at 12:38:28PM -0800, Austin Schutz wrote:
> 	We've had problems here which the vendor "suspects" is due to
> rancid rapid firing off commands during polling.

What vendor is feeding you that line of bull?

Say you are trying to do some debugging & want to catch the output
of some command as often as possible; is the vendor telling you
that you should not be doing this?  Bogus...

> 	What might be slightly less ugly would be to have an option to
> to set a delay between execution of commands.

There is a for loop in run_commands; that would be the place to put
a sleep.

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