rancid email Precedence

Jon Lewis jlewis at lewis.org
Wed Jun 8 20:34:15 UTC 2005

On Wed, 8 Jun 2005, john heasley wrote:

> > > A coworker recently moved our internal mailing lists from majordomo to
> > > ezmlm, and we stopped seeing our rancid email.  It turns out, this is
> > > because ezmlm-weed /dev/null's messages with Precedence: (junk|bulk) in
> > > the header.  Rancid puts Precedence: bulk in all its emails.  Is there a
> > > reason it does that?
> >
> > Rancid mail is not mail generated by a human, thus the Precedence
> > should be lower.  I would change ezmlm's config or modify your copy
> > of rancid.
> Also note that, traditionally, vacation(1) responders ignore messages with
> with these precedence types (and "list").

This is sort of a catch-22 though.  The mailing list software is
configured to /dev/null Precedence: bulk, because other things that might
send junk mail to it would [ideally] use that precedence.  rancid mail
isn't junk...and if we have someone stupid enough to setup a broken
vacation, I'll take care of it/them.

What if there were a config switch in rancid that could be turned off if
you plan to gateway it into a mailing list?  Our current setup has rancid
emailing the various group aliases, which I was forwarding into our noc
mailing list...now I pipe them through formail to remove the Precedence:
bulk before forwarding to the list...that way I don't have to rely on
custom hacks to our copy of rancid.

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