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Justin Grote justin at grote.name
Fri Jun 10 01:59:19 UTC 2005

Netmanager wrote:

> So I want to make a RANCID package for a popular ports package manager 
> for OS X (DarwinPorts).  I like all my open source apps to live in a 
> special place.  Would it be better to install all of RANCID into the 
> package's {prefix}/var/rancid or to just put the localstatedir (logs, 
> repository, groups) there and let bin, etc, man, share go into the 
> package manager's {prefix}/bin, {prefix}/etc, {prefic}/man, etc. 
> amongst all he other packages stuff?  Opinions on whuch is a better 
> way?  Thank you.
> Mark
This is more taste than anything else.

If you're following the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard, then everything 
should go into /usr/local, since this isn't software that's included 
with the distribution.

I personally build my RANCID RPMs (a Linux package manager) to conform 
to the standards of whatever distribution to put the binaries into 
/usr/bin, the config into /etc/, the docs into {docdir}/rancid, and I 
generally set up my repositories under /srv/rancid (new FHS), although 
/var/lib/rancid is a more traditional location (old FHS).

There's no "right" way to do this, everyone has their own opinion. The 
distribution specific method I use is fine, you really only need to do 
/usr/local if you're doing clustering or some other method that mounts 
/usr, /bin, and /sbin from network drives.

Justin Grote
Network Architect
JWG Networks

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