RANCID & package managers

Netmanager netmanager at biola.edu
Fri Jun 10 20:33:10 UTC 2005

>Thu, Jun 09, 2005 at 05:50:42PM -0700, Netmanager:
>>  So I want to make a RANCID package for a popular ports package
>>  manager for OS X (DarwinPorts).  I like all my open source apps to
>>  live in a special place.  Would it be better to install all of RANCID
>>  into the package's {prefix}/var/rancid or to just put the
>>  localstatedir (logs, repository, groups) there and let bin, etc, man,
>>  share go into the package manager's {prefix}/bin, {prefix}/etc,
>>  {prefic}/man, etc. amongst all he other packages stuff?  Opinions on
>>  whuch is a better way?  Thank you.
>I am blissfully unaware of DarwinPorts, but I'll suggest that you look
>at how freebsd's rancid port does it or look at an existing simple
>DarwinPort; maybe bind or net-snmp.

I looked at the Makefile for the FreeBSD RANCID port and this is the 
way the package maintainer did it:

		--prefix=${PREFIX}/ \
		--localstatedir=${PREFIX}/var/${PORTNAME}/ \
		--bindir=${PREFIX}/libexec/${PORTNAME}/ \

That is an interesting way to do it.  I guess it sticks to the 
standard of port file locations, yet still keeps the port's files 
separate.  I guess I'll think about it.  If anybody has a comment on 
this method please do so.  Thanks for the help.


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