hlogin and hp2424/4000/8000 ?

Ed Ravin eravin at panix.com
Mon May 16 23:02:29 UTC 2005

On Tue, May 10, 2005 at 09:44:58AM -0400, Ed Ravin wrote:
> Has anyone got hrancid/hlogin working with the Procurve 2424/4000/8000
> switches?

I just stumbled over a Perl/Expect.pm script that fetches the config
file from an HP2424m/4000m/8000m - with a little bit of work it could
be brought into rancid.  I'm rather embarrassed, since it looks like
I wrote this script three years ago and then promptly forgot about it.

Based on my limited understanding of rancid so far, I think that the
"little bit of work" means the following:

* add a new device type to rancid-fe.

* create a clone of hrancid to support this device.  I'm not 100% clear
on what needs to happen here, other than having hrancid call my new
script rather than the hlogin / hpui combination which doesn't work for
these devices.

* teach the new login script how to parse cloginrc to get the
username/password.  Has anyone else done parsing of cloginrc in Perl?

* teach the new login script how to accept arbitrary commands on
the command line, instead of the hard coded "fetch config" task that
it has now.

Is there anything else I'd need to worry about?

	-- Ed

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