RANCID sending empty 'routers down' messages

Yuval Ben-Ari yuvalba at netvision.net.il
Mon Nov 28 13:12:06 UTC 2005

I have same problem, platform is Linux with rancid 2.3
I found the problem in the list archives and the workaround of adding
fake line like this to router.db stops the false diffs:
I only have 1 diff version on the machine:
[rancid at ranc1 rancid]$ which diff
[rancid at ranc1 rancid]$ diff -v
diff (GNU diffutils) 2.8.1

any idea ?

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> Subject: RANCID sending empty 'routers down' messages
> I have just added a third site to our RANCID config (the previous two
> are working fine), but now whenever RANCID runs it sends an empty
> 'changes in xxxx routers' with a body of 'Routers changed to down' on
> every run. It only does it for this one site, the other two are having
> no problems.
> (When I say 'site', I mean another group within RANCID - there is only
> one install of the actual software, I'm just adding a new entry to the
> LIST_OF_GROUPS variable)
> The only difference between this new site and the other sites is that
> it consists of a single router.. would that make any difference? If
> not, any idea what might be causing this?
> Thanks in advance,
> Ras


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