[rancid] few contrib rancid hacks, also is there any need for sharing rancid hacks?

Saku Ytti saku+rancid at ytti.fi
Mon Dec 11 11:21:21 UTC 2006

 I think many people have added support for niche systems to rancid that
doesn't make much sense adding to the distribution. I've made support
for telco systems binos based boxes (email me if you want them).

 Should there be some site to host those rancid hacks? Anyhow, I 
was bored this weekend and rewrote some of my hacks to a format where
they might work in other environments too, if you want to try
them out check http://ip.fi/rancid_hacks/ some 'documentation
available as http://ip.fi/rancid_hacks/README.txt

 Or are all rancid hacks more or less company specific that
it makes no sense sharing them?
 I still have few that I haven't rewritten to ruby, most notably
'csanitise' that has test sets for different boxes with multiple
unit tests in simple 'scripting' language. However it's quite
ugly and I'm not sure if I have enough interest to port it
to ruby or even rewrite it in perl to not assume so 
much about environment.

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