[rancid] clogin connecting over an other router?

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at redhat.com
Mon Jun 26 12:44:26 UTC 2006


i could swear I have seen once that rancid can jump over a router to get
 to an other network device but i can't find that anymore :( .
I know there is the work to make clogin connect over terminal servers
and that could be made to work for this case too but that's overly
complicated. Having something in .cloginrc like:
  add via 192.168.42.*
would be way easier.
So a clogin would connect normaly to and
then spawn itself and do a ssh/telnet to That could be
cascaded even more if would also have a "via".
The advantage of this approach is that one wouldn't have to add any
expect code into cloginrc like it is needed with the generic terminal
server approach as clogin already has all the needed code.

I do not know if others have a use for this function but at least we
could use it to access WLAN APs and external switches (those without a
separate management interface). We like to keep external networks
physicaly separated from internal ones and do not like to mix internal
and external VLANs on the same device.

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