[rancid] folded lines

William Yardley rancid at veggiechinese.net
Wed Nov 1 05:28:28 UTC 2006

I have a Cisco 4948 and RANCID is repeatedly noticing the following
difference: (squished down the columns a little to be a bit easier to

  !VLAN: VLAN Name           Status   Ports
  !VLAN: ---- -------------- -------- -------------------------------

- !VLAN: 1    default        active   Gi1/1, Gi1/2, Gi1/3, Gi1/4
- !VLAN:                              Gi1/5, Gi1/6, Gi1/9, Gi1/10
- !VLAN:                              Gi1/11, Gi1/13, Gi1/14, Gi1/15
- !VLAN:                              Gi1/17, Gi1/18, Gi1/19, Gi1/21
- !VLAN:                              Gi1/22, Gi1/23, Gi1/24, Gi1/25
- !VLAN:                              Gi1/27, Gi1/29, Gi1/30, Gi1/31
- !VLAN:                              Gi1/33, Gi1/35, Gi1/37, Gi1/39
- !VLAN:                              Gi1/41, Gi1/42, Gi1/43, Gi1/44
+ !VLAN: 1    default        active   Gi1/1, Gi1/2, Gi1/3, Gi1/4, Gi1/5, Gi1/6, Gi1/9, Gi1/10, Gi1/11, Gi1/13, Gi1/14, Gi1/15, Gi1/17,
Gi1/18, Gi1/19, Gi1/21, Gi1/22, Gi1/23, Gi1/24, Gi1/25, Gi1/27, Gi1/29, Gi1/30, Gi1/31, Gi1/33, Gi1/35, Gi1/37, Gi1/39, Gi1/41, Gi1/42, Gi1/43, Gi1/44
  !VLAN: 20   VLAN0020                         active    Gi1/45, Gi1/46, Gi1/47, Gi1/48

Each time it runs, the version that gets committed flip-flops. Am I
missing something obvious?


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