[rancid] Re: PIX - pager and shun?

john heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Sat Nov 11 05:25:09 UTC 2006

Wed, Nov 08, 2006 at 09:06:01AM -0500, Gee-clough, Aaron (NIH/CIT) [C]:
> Yes, "pager 0" is a configuration setting that will be saved, so using
> that would cause Rancid to change the PIXs configuration (which I would
> rather it not do, personally).  However, starting in PIX 7 there is a
> new option, "term length", which is session-specific.  So, you can now
> set "term length 0" to disable the pager for just that tty (but only for
> PIXOS > 7).  I have no idea if that command would lead to something
> surprising on other Cisco products, though.

clogin will send 'term length 0', its was just an error up to now. :)

> As for shuns, the problem with shuns is that they're not saved as part
> of the config.  If you reload a PIX with shun settings, the shuns do not
> come back with the rest of the config.  You could, theoretically, add
> "show shun" in clogin, but you'll get all sorts of odd changes when the
> firewall reloads, since they'll all go away.

Thanks Aaron.

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