[rancid] rancid hang

Rob Shepherd rob at techniumcast.com
Fri Oct 6 10:24:11 UTC 2006

Dear Rancid people,

I'm in the process of setting up Rancid and looking forward to what it 
offers. Thanks for this development effort. :)


clogin <my device>

hangs at the prompt. I can't type anything in. The session subsequently 
times out or I hit CTRL-C to get back to shell.

Obligatory info....

Solaris 10 x64
expect 5.42.1
perl 5.8.8
tcl/tk 8.4.10
Cisco 3750 switch
Radius shell:priv-lvl=2 attribute for user, which logs in already enabled.
prompt = cast-tec-ps-13-asw1#
banner has loads of * in it but no other special char.

I can ssh to my device fine.  What commands are executed on the device. 
Which ones do I need to place in priviledge level 2?

Could this be the expect bug mentioned in the FAQ?

How do I go about debugging and diagnosing this issue.



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rob get mail at techniumcast.com | 01248 675024 | 077988 72480

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