[rancid] Re: Foundry EdgeIron switches

john heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Fri Aug 10 17:50:03 UTC 2007

Thu, Aug 09, 2007 at 02:29:23PM -0700, Chris Gauthier:
> Our organization uses Foundry EdgeIron switches, but the OS those run is 
> completely different than the rest of Foundry's offerings.  Has anyone 
> used Rancid to monitor those devices?  Any help is appreciated.
> The commands run by flogin work on the other devices, but not on the EIF 
> line of switches (except show version works).  These are: show version, 
> show chassis, show module, show flash, and write term.  I'm listing the 
> equivalent commands (where possible) for the EIF2402/4802CF switch OS 
> (as of v2.2.7.18):
> show version = show version
> show chassis (no equivalent)
> show module (no equivalent)
> show flash = dir
> write term = show running-config

I've not managed to arrange access to one of these, but it should be easy
to add support.  it should ignore the (errors from) commands that do not
work and collect the rest.  and, try adding the dir command

	{'dir /all'           => 'ShowFlash'},

or whatever they dreamt up to show all files on all filesystems.

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