[rancid] Re: Newbie question: I get an email every hour even when nothing has changed.

Alan Evans aevans at kineto.com
Fri Jul 13 00:56:18 UTC 2007

Quick update on my problem.

My initial thoughts were wrong. The problem was that I got different
results when rancid was run from a cronjob and when it was run from the
command line.

Cron looked like this:
!Flash: nvram:  1920  -rw-       30609     <no date> underlying-config
Command line looked like this:
!Flash: :       1920  -rw-       30609     <no date> underlying-config

Notice the missing "nvram" when run from the command line.
I managed to figure out that if I changed the $dev regex in rancid
script (line#1898)
	my($dev) = (/\s([^\s]+):/);
	my($dev) = /\S+\s+(\S+):/;

Then the nvram appears in both cron and command line outputs.
I have no explanation why, but it works for me.


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