[rancid] F5 load balancer support

Sam Munzani smunzani at comcast.net
Fri Jul 13 19:45:29 UTC 2007


Did anybody happened to hack one of Cisco scripts to support BigIP F5 
boxes? It should be pretty simple. All I want to do is login and type "b 
list" which is equivalent of "show run" on cisco.

However for some reason things not working. All I did was copied clogin 
to f5login, copied rancid to f5rancid and added following to rancid-fe.
elsif ($vendor =~ /^f5$/i)              { exec('f5rancid', $router); }

Then modified f5 rancid file and kept only one command in list of 
commands "b list".

For some reason its not working. I can post my configs here if somebody 
like to see them.


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