[rancid] module to Nortel equipament

Eliane Tortelli Eliane.Tortelli at fornecedores.vivo.com.br
Wed May 9 20:19:44 UTC 2007



I really need to help for check if sameone in this list know if Rancid
support all equipament Nortel or not...


I am installing Rancid at my job and it is not working properly with
devices Nortel. At the file router.db I am using baynet the kind of


Someone know samething about it ?


Thanks for help


Eliane Tortelli

Nec do Brasil S.A.

elianet at nec.com.br

eliane.tortelli at vivo.com.br

tel : 55 41 9158 3093

cel: 55 41 9226 4192


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