[rancid] TIMEOUT reached with HP 4108gl

Dan Pritts danno at internet2.edu
Mon May 14 22:50:36 UTC 2007


I've just downloaded & installed rancid 2.3.2a6

i'm running on redhat enterprise 4, with more-or-less current patches

i saw, and heeded, the note about patching expect on linux platforms.

    [root at dial expect-5.42]# diff exp_chan.c*
    < fcntl(esPtr->fdin, F_SETFL, O_NONBLOCK);

unfortunately, i get TIMEOUTs on a 4108gl (and also a 2824 i tried):

  [rancid at dial ~]$ /usr/local/pkg/rancid-2.3.2a6/bin/hlogin desktop-switch.internet2.edu -c "show version"
  spawn hpuifilter -- ssh -c 3des -x -l admin desktop-switch.internet2.edu
  admin at desktop-switch.internet2.edu's password: 
  HP J4865A ProCurve Switch 4108GL
  Firmware revision G.07.93
  Copyright (C) 1991-2005 Hewlett-Packard Co.  All Rights Reserved.
                           RESTRICTED RIGHTS LEGEND
   Use, duplication, or disclosure by the Government is subject to restrictions
   as set forth in subdivision (b) (3) (ii) of the Rights in Technical Data and
   Computer Software clause at 52.227-7013.
           HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY, 3000 Hanover St., Palo Alto, CA 94303
  Press any key to continue
  [ many blank lines deleted ] 


  Error: TIMEOUT reached

any suggestions?

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office: +1-734-352-4953 | mobile: +1-734-834-7224

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