[rancid] Issues with inherited install of Rancid

Erik Denny edenny at techvalleycom.com
Mon Oct 1 15:39:06 UTC 2007

I'm the lucky owner of an inherited running copy of Rancid.
I love the product, but I have a nightmare.
First, I can't tell you what version I'm running as each script appears
to have it's own version number, so there is no consistency on version
It's running, I see the collected files, but it appears to not be
checking things into CVS properly.  No errors, disk space is ok, the
usual suspect list appears fine.
I haven't seen anything like this in the archives, and it seems like it
would be a simple fix.
I plan on upgrading to the latest version when migrated to a new
machine, but the current install is so mangled all over the place that
I'd rather just get that one working, rather than trying to figure out
how to upgrade in place.
Thanks in advance.
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