[rancid] Re: Issues with inherited install of Rancid

Lance rancid at gheek.net
Mon Oct 1 15:53:25 UTC 2007


A while back I posted something called PSV. It basically prints to each
file the version of the scripts used to collect the data at the top of
the files. This helps in knowing "1" what versions you are running to
get each configs data and "2" identifying where you have received errors
when doing an upgrade (you would see what script versions have been

Read this thread to see the script I wrote and an example output of it.


In regards to upgrading, it is easy as along as you keep the same
CVS/SVN repo. If you change your repo then you have some challenges to
over come.

Lastly, RANCID is not a single script. It is a collection of scripts.


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> From: "Erik Denny" <edenny at techvalleycom.com>
> Date: Mon, October 01, 2007 8:39 am
> To: <rancid-discuss at shrubbery.net>
> I'm the lucky owner of an inherited running copy of Rancid.
> I love the product, but I have a nightmare.
> First, I can't tell you what version I'm running as each script appears
> to have it's own version number, so there is no consistency on version
> identification.
> It's running, I see the collected files, but it appears to not be
> checking things into CVS properly.  No errors, disk space is ok, the
> usual suspect list appears fine.
> I haven't seen anything like this in the archives, and it seems like it
> would be a simple fix.
> I plan on upgrading to the latest version when migrated to a new
> machine, but the current install is so mangled all over the place that
> I'd rather just get that one working, rather than trying to figure out
> how to upgrade in place.
> Thanks in advance.
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