[rancid] Re: Custom devices and ttys

Mark Loveley mloveley at plus.net
Wed Oct 10 11:22:41 UTC 2007

On 9 Oct 2007, at 18:40, john heasley wrote:
> I think you've identified the problem correctly, the screen height  
> of zero
> affecting a broken pager.  Normally rancid sets the TERM to  
> "network" in
> rancid.conf, which implies a height of 0.  AND, clogin sends the  
> command
> 'term length 0' to disable the pager.  Assuming your device does not
> recognize the 'term length' command, try setting TERM to something  
> which
> normally has a fixed height, such as vt100.

Unfortunately I had already tried vt100 as a TERM type. My issue is  
that when launched from cron it doesn't even get to disabling the pager.

from the command line It reads the banner, matches the login prompt  
"Login:", sends my username, matches the password prompt "Password:"  
and sends my password, and gets logged in.

from cron it matches the login prompt, but the device never prints  
the password prompt, just a  "Press any key to continue (Q to quit)",  
if thats matched it sends "any key" and gets the same prompt back.

So when connecting via cron I never get the chance to disable the  
pager (btw on this system the command needed is "no more" which is  
why I created a custom login script called e30login).

> Another possibility is to use hlogin, which has become somewhat the  
> home
> of the bastard children, with the addition of a stty command to  
> hard-code
> the height to something greater than 0.  Note that hlogin also  
> tries to
> disable the pager with HP's 'no page' command.

hlogin seems to spawn hpuifilter which I assume only strips nasty  
control characters.
Using this from the command line I've no yet managed to get it to login.

How do you suggest using stty to set the height? See my previous  
email for examples for failures using that from cron.

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