[rancid] Re: Custom devices and ttys

john heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Wed Oct 10 17:09:16 UTC 2007

Wed, Oct 10, 2007 at 12:22:41PM +0100, Mark Loveley:
> On 9 Oct 2007, at 18:40, john heasley wrote:
> >I think you've identified the problem correctly, the screen height  
> >of zero
> >affecting a broken pager.  Normally rancid sets the TERM to  
> >"network" in
> >rancid.conf, which implies a height of 0.  AND, clogin sends the  
> >command
> >'term length 0' to disable the pager.  Assuming your device does not
> >recognize the 'term length' command, try setting TERM to something  
> >which
> >normally has a fixed height, such as vt100.
> Unfortunately I had already tried vt100 as a TERM type. My issue is  
> that when launched from cron it doesn't even get to disabling the pager.
> from the command line It reads the banner, matches the login prompt  
> "Login:", sends my username, matches the password prompt "Password:"  
> and sends my password, and gets logged in.
> from cron it matches the login prompt, but the device never prints  
> the password prompt, just a  "Press any key to continue (Q to quit)",  
> if thats matched it sends "any key" and gets the same prompt back.
> So when connecting via cron I never get the chance to disable the  
> pager (btw on this system the command needed is "no more" which is  
> why I created a custom login script called e30login).
> >Another possibility is to use hlogin, which has become somewhat the  
> >home
> >of the bastard children, with the addition of a stty command to  
> >hard-code
> >the height to something greater than 0.  Note that hlogin also  
> >tries to
> >disable the pager with HP's 'no page' command.
> hlogin seems to spawn hpuifilter which I assume only strips nasty  
> control characters.
> Using this from the command line I've no yet managed to get it to login.

tried hlogin or hpuifilter?  try hlogin, which allocates a pty for

> How do you suggest using stty to set the height? See my previous  
> email for examples for failures using that from cron.

As david luyer said, spawn should allocate a pty for you, which should
give you a controlling terminal.  so, I think that

	stty whatever > spawn_out(slave,name)

will affect the slave (telnet/ssh) side of the pty

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