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Mike Ashcraft mashcraft at omniture.com
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If you don't want or need all these revisions, have you considered cutting back on how often rancid runs.  Running only once a day may meet your needs.


You can delete revisions in CVS.  However, the revision numbers will continue to increment (will not start back at 1.1).  See the CVS docs and look at the -orange option.  I would only consider this if there was a disk space issue that you were dealing with.  The documentation includes numerous reasons why this is not a good idea. 


You could also consider creating a branch every month and then adjusting rancid to check into the new branch.  





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I´m kinda of new to Rancid and I need help...


My network is consisted by several equipments, which on a daily basis are configured several times. Problem is, at the end of a month or 2 the number of Rancid Configs revisions are by the hundreds. 


Is there a way to erase or delete older revisions while keeping the most recent ones? 







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