[rancid] "Routers changed to down:" Problem

thomas cp lee thomas.lee at airliquide.com
Wed Apr 16 10:07:53 UTC 2008

Hello !

(First-off, apologies if this is spam - I couldn't find a search threads
option in the ml-archives to see if this issue had already been adressed)

I'm running rancid 2.3.1-4 on ubuntu, and all seems to be going swimmingly 
apart from a tiny bit of weird behavior by the mail part of the control_rancid 

Every time rancid is run (from cron), it correctly detects up/down diffs in 
the router.db's, and also correctly mails diffs on the routers themselves. 
However, rancid mails me (for each $group), a mail looking like :


   From: rancid@$isp.com
   Subject: changes in $group routers
   To: rancid-$group@$isp.com
   Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 11:01:12 +0200 (CEST)

   Routers changed to down:


...and that's it ! Nothing has changed in the router.db file, there's
just this constantly empty message. I've scrabbled in the logs, and
nothing is mentioned. Why am I being mailled when no changes have taken
place ?

I'm guessing that it's a permissions issue, but uid/gid are rancid:rancid
everywhere, & it seems to be recreating the routers.down files no probs (if
I delete 'em) and as i said above, it detects the changes all right, so I don't 
understand where the problem could be. Is it the CVS being odd ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Vive Rancid !



Thomas Lee
Unix, Réseaux & Sécurité
ISIS [Pôle Services]
Air Liquide

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