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Steve Ousley steve at host-it.co.uk
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>>         % echo " device_name:device_type:up" >> unused/router.db

>you mean 'down'

OK, I have found a better solution than this.  Since the device will no
longer be actually used, therefore rancid will not be able to get a
configuration from it, I have done some testing with deleting devices, which
works even better than marking it as "down" because it in fact moves the
configs to the Attic of CVS, which basically does what I wanted (get it out
of the main area for the configs).

This is all working great (other than the ProCurve, but we shall see if I go
any further with that one) and even better that I have now got a wrapper
script round Rancid that even gets the list of devices to backup from a
MySQL database. :) So I can, in fact, add firewalls to be backed up through
a web admin panel. :D

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