[rancid] Getting rancid to issue a command prior to pulling the config?

Peter Serwe peter.serwe at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 18:24:43 UTC 2008

I have a bunch of Adtran routers that have a rather annoying issue of
displaying log messages to STDOUT while rancid is pulling it's
configuration.  I pull hourly.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to turn this logging off without
issuing a command for every session: "no events"

I currently use clogin because AOS (Adtran, not Alteon) is IOS-like
enough for at least the configuration to be pulled accurately, even if
the flash and a few other
commands fail.

Is there a way for me to modify the .cloginrc file to have this
command issued for something like.. *.cpe.mydomin.tld?  Or, what would
I have to modify if not?

While I'm fairly decent at using rancid, I'm not so good at
understanding the structure of the application and what's where..

Any help would be appreciated.



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