[rancid] F5 Devices

chris lostpkts at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 17:41:15 UTC 2008

I saw discussions on F5 devices from last few months.  I downloaded
the  f5rancid_pl.txt and f5login_exp.txt files that were posted by
Lance.  I put them in the bin directory and renamed them f5rancid and

I then edited rancid-fe and added in
'f5' => 'f5rancid',

in the vendortable section.

I then added my device to router.db and put the appropriate lines in
.clonginrc that was listed in the files, making changes as needed.

I then run rancid-run -r ch-f5sys01

And nothing in the logs.

I tried doing a f5login manually to see what was going on and it says.

Error: invalid command name "sage".

I did notice that Lance said it was in 2.3.2a7.1 that he had up on his
site.   So I downloaded it and installed that version.   However I get
the following in the logs:

Trying to get all of the configs.
ch-f5sys01 f5login error: Error: invalid command name "sage"
ch-f5sys01: missed cmd(s): ls --full-time --color=never
/config/ssl/ssl.crt,bigpipe route static sho
w,bigpipe monitor list,bigpipe base list,bigpipe
platform,TERM=xterm,bigpipe config sync show,cat /c
onfig/RegKey.license,ls --full-time --color=never
/config/ssl/ssl.key,export TERM,bigpipe version,bi
gpipe profile list,bigpipe list
ch-f5sys01: End of run not found

Can someone please point me in the right direction of what I did wrong?


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