[rancid] Nexus 7000 & RANCID

Justin C. Darby jcdarby at usgs.gov
Mon Jul 21 20:15:26 UTC 2008


I recently hacked up a copy (more like I gutted and started over, but I 
digress..) of the 'rancid' script to work with NX-OS 4.0. This works, 
but I was wondering if anyone had any desire to come up with a clean way 
to do this, as I'd be happy to help with the effort (right now I use the 
entire output of 'show inventory' and 'show version' without doing 
anything but removing lines that change frequently, like timestamps).

The normal 'rancid' script chokes just trying to process the 
configuration ('write term' is an invalid command, changing to to 'show 
running-config' in rancid half works, but..). Passwords and the like are 
also stored in a different format for everything from SNMP v3 to local 
AAA, etc.

I did something similar to work with Cisco AIP-SSM-20's, which run some 
Linux-based "Cisco Intrusion Prevention System" OS. Same offer applies 
here. :)

Justin C. Darby (jcdarby at usgs.gov)
IT Specialist - Middleton Data Center
WRD Wisconsin Water Science Center

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