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Sam Munzani smunzani at comcast.net
Thu Mar 6 21:49:28 UTC 2008


We have a lot of device types too. Below is how we get around these 
> Greetings,
> I have been a long time user of Rancid and I've always thought it was a
> fantastic tool. Recently I've been revamping our backups and that has gotten
> me to thinking about a couple of things:
> 1. We backup literally hundred of devices with Rancid and due to
> inconsistency across Cisco IOS releases we are struggling to keep ahead of
> the curve when it comes to specifying autoenable 1 or autoenable 0. I don't
> always manage the routers I backup, so an updated IOS often reverses this
> requirement (e.g. used to work with autoenable on and now it needs it off).
> This also often happens when router administrators enable/disable/make
> certain changes to tacacs. In any event I'm wondering if anyone has thought
> of a way to autodetect the autoenable state of a device?
Our rancid box runs net-snmp package too. Using snmptrap command, we 
send out a trap to our monitoring station if the backup failed to a 
device. The trap we send passes the IP address of failed device so the 
NetCool associates alert to the failed device. Then somebody can look at 
the log and find out if the password changed or account got locked out etc.
> 2. I'm guessing this has been asked before, but I find myself often wishing
> there was a grouping feature in the .cloginrc file so that you could define
> a group of routers or globs and then apply commands to the group. Something
> like:
> add group tacacs_ios_cisco_routers r1.aaa.com, r2.aaa.com s3.bbb.com,
> s4.bbb.com
> add autoenable tacacs_ios_cisco_routers 1
> add password tacacs_ios_cisco_routers mypasswd
This kind of feature is surely helpful but we found the RegEx mostly 
addresses our needs.
add autoenable r*.com 1 etc.
> Has this idea been considered or is there something else which might get me
> closer to this?
> Thanks!
> -Matt
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