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Matthew Twomey mtwomey at beakstar.com
Fri Mar 7 14:11:32 UTC 2008

I agree that it does it well, but that doesn't mean new capabilities or
features can't be added. We don't have an issue getting notified when
backups fail, we're just trying to reduce the number of occurrences of this
as well as reduce the windows of "unprotected time" that take place between
the time a backup failed and the appropriate corrections are made. Reducing
the likelihood of a backup failure would help with this.



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Correct me if I am wrong but RANCID is suppose to backup your
configurations. It does that very well. Having to all this extra
figuring out etc can add extra fat in the scripts to make it figure
what it should be doing and yet it still may not always work. If
something fails you will get an email from RANCID. That should be a
pretty good heads up that something has been changed. To me that is
when I also go and verify nothing else has changed. As a network admin
I like to know what is changing.

Sam pointed a very simple solution to bring it front and center and
allow it to get a ticket opened on it etc. Then again it does require
some knowledge of programming.

Just my two cents.


On 3/6/08, Steve Snodgrass <ssnodgra at pheran.com> wrote:
> Matthew Twomey wrote:
> > Greetings,
> >
> > I have been a long time user of Rancid and I've always thought it was a
> > fantastic tool. Recently I've been revamping our backups and that has
> > me to thinking about a couple of things:
> >
> > 1. We backup literally hundred of devices with Rancid and due to
> > inconsistency across Cisco IOS releases we are struggling to keep ahead
> > the curve when it comes to specifying autoenable 1 or autoenable 0. I
> > always manage the routers I backup, so an updated IOS often reverses
> > requirement (e.g. used to work with autoenable on and now it needs it
> > This also often happens when router administrators enable/disable/make
> > certain changes to tacacs. In any event I'm wondering if anyone has
> > of a way to autodetect the autoenable state of a device?
> This might be nice for me too.  I'm bringing up a rancid install for the
> first time and I was banging my head on the wall today because I can't
> figure out any way to get my ASAs to log directly into enable mode like
> I do on the IOS boxes using a TACACS server.  Obviously I could manually
> specify autoenable 0 for the ASAs, but this would be a cool feature.
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