[rancid] VLAN portion of rancid-run

zarahel at iol.pt zarahel at iol.pt
Mon May 26 13:10:32 UTC 2008

Good afternoon

I need your help

For some reason everytime my rancid runs I get new revisions in my  
Cisco equipments (even if there´s no changes in their configurations),  
due to the Vlan proportion of the config (the printscreen is anexed to  
this mail).

I don´t know why this happens...is this some kind of bug in rancid?

Does anybody know a fix for this?

If not, how do I remove the show vlan portion in Rancid? Is there a  
file in the Rancid Folder that contains the vlan configuration  
lines?Which lines should I remove so that Rancid does not retrieve the  
Vlan config from the equipments?

I apreciate any help


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