[rancid] Re: VLAN portion of rancid-run

Saku Ytti saku+rancid at ytti.fi
Thu May 29 18:03:21 UTC 2008

On (2008-05-28 14:40 -0700), john heasley wrote:
> Adding 'terminal width' has concerned me; that it would reveal cisco/other
> platform bugs.  The number of platforms that I have is limited.  Who is
> using this change and with what platforms?

I'm using it on thousands of boxes (>5k or so), covering virtually
all devices running IOS and some running something similar enough
to support terminal width.
While of course I'd only need it on switching capable platforms,
but didn't bother making the distinction.

Quick search on (old) bugtool for 'terminal width':
CSCdu07646 Fail to load acls via telnet-relay by endless zero-window acks
CSCdm54100 Autoselect functions need to be allowed under line vty configuration
CSCdi44586 tn3270 crash when using wide terminals
CSCea17293 Extra line when using ? and output > term width because CSCdx17425
CSCea21120 SSH server incorrectly processes column size on pty request
CSCdj90725 terminal width 0 has no effect.
CSCec59007 Missing DRR info in the output of show cos if terminal width is 0
CSCdj43008 lines longer than terminal width break automore
CSCei67424 Last 4 bytes of key displayed as dangling text in show crypto key
CSCdw52822 ENH: Need long version of show mls ip command in Native

Cherry picking the crash one:
tn3270 crash when using wide terminals
Found In: 11.0, Affected Versions: 
Fixed in: 11.0(4.4) 11.1(0.18)M 10.3(8.5) 10.3(9.1)
The tn3270 feature may crash if a terminal width greater than 100characters is configured before connecting to a host application.

So of course it does add risk, like every other command, but comparing it to amount of
crashes caused by 'show run', it's quite safe.


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