[rancid] Re: VLAN portion of rancid-run

john heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Thu May 29 21:52:06 UTC 2008

Thu, May 29, 2008 at 09:03:21PM +0300, Saku Ytti:
> On (2008-05-28 14:40 -0700), john heasley wrote:
> > Adding 'terminal width' has concerned me; that it would reveal cisco/other
> > platform bugs.  The number of platforms that I have is limited.  Who is
> > using this change and with what platforms?
> I'm using it on thousands of boxes (>5k or so), covering virtually
> all devices running IOS and some running something similar enough
> to support terminal width.
> While of course I'd only need it on switching capable platforms,
> but didn't bother making the distinction.

would setting it to something non-zero be a better choice?  128 for example.

> Quick search on (old) bugtool for 'terminal width':
> CSCdu07646 Fail to load acls via telnet-relay by endless zero-window acks
> CSCdm54100 Autoselect functions need to be allowed under line vty configuration
> CSCdi44586 tn3270 crash when using wide terminals
> CSCea17293 Extra line when using ? and output > term width because CSCdx17425
> CSCea21120 SSH server incorrectly processes column size on pty request
> CSCdj90725 terminal width 0 has no effect.
> CSCec59007 Missing DRR info in the output of show cos if terminal width is 0
> CSCdj43008 lines longer than terminal width break automore
> CSCei67424 Last 4 bytes of key displayed as dangling text in show crypto key
> CSCdw52822 ENH: Need long version of show mls ip command in Native
> Cherry picking the crash one:
> CSCdi44586
> tn3270 crash when using wide terminals
> Found In: 11.0, Affected Versions: 
> Fixed in: 11.0(4.4) 11.1(0.18)M 10.3(8.5) 10.3(9.1)
> The tn3270 feature may crash if a terminal width greater than 100characters is configured before connecting to a host application.
> So of course it does add risk, like every other command, but comparing it to amount of
> crashes caused by 'show run', it's quite safe.
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>   ++ytti
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