[rancid] Re: rancid with Cisco ASA 5520 in Multiple Context Mode

Danielson, Graeme Graeme.Danielson at airnz.co.nz
Thu Apr 23 23:32:23 UTC 2009

I think the context configs are stored in the flash: of system and from
memory are displayable with more(?). Remember though that they are the
startup configs not the running configs. 
So if you are confident that all your contexts are saved then
potentially all necessary config info is available from system?

-- Graeme Danielson  

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Sam, you're not missing any magic command.

The system context contains the physical interface configurations as
well as the context configurations, which include the interface and
resource allocations for each context.  All of this is critical
information if you need to rebuild a multi-context ASA configuration
from scratch after a hardware failure, say.


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Bob Brunette wrote:
> Sadly, there is no way to login to the system execution space, and
that's where the "master" config is that defines all of the
contexts--you must get to it by issuing a "changeto system" command from
the admin context
Really? My system context just shows the context allocations, but not
the context config. Is there a magic command I'm missing?

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