[rancid] Re: Dell Powerconnect switches - problem and suggestion

Jeremy Singletary jeremys at rickyninja.net
Tue Aug 18 16:45:42 UTC 2009

I've only seen one version of a more prompt in the Dells I've had access
to.  I removed the check for the other more  prompts thinking they were
left over from clogin and only applicable for Cisco devices.  It's ok
though, this is why I've had you downloading the dev code that isn't
linked on rickyninja.net.

Sounds like you've got it mostly working for the time being.  Let me
know when the dev devices become available, and you can email me
directly so only I'll have the login info.  Then I'll work on the quit
issue, and anything else we notice along the way.


On 08/18/09, George Hills <george at brightbox.co.uk> said:
> Hi,
> > I think I broke the variable scope for $in_proc when I created a new
> > procedure to eliminate some duplicate code.  It's hard to say for
> > certain because I am unable to reproduce the problem on my side.  Grab
> > dlogin-dev again and let me know how it goes.
> This one is exactly the same as the last. Thanks for trying.
> Right. I might have been wasting your time by not reading your code.
> The "old" dlogin used to have separate checks for different forms of the
> "More" prompt I think? The new one looks to just have a check for
> "More:"? My prompt on the 6248 looks like "--More-- or (q)uit".
> Without really understanding what it does, I've put the following in and
> now it runs succesfully for both types of switch - though still with the
> "needs an extra 'quit'" issue on the 6248.
> -re "^--More-- \[^\n\r]*" {
>   send_user -- "$expect_out(buffer)"
>   dsend " "
>   exp_continue
> }
> > If this doesn't fix it,
> > any chance I can get access to one of the devices in question with a
> > barebones config?
> Just now my "dev" devices are being used for another project, but in a
> few weeks time that ought to be possible if still wanted.
> Cheers
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