[rancid] missed cmd(s): write term

Barry O'Donovan barryo at inex.ie
Mon Jan 5 21:10:57 UTC 2009


I'm getting the above error for one of our routers which worked previously. It 
is most likely due to an IOS upgrade.

However, I see from the archives that this question is asked a lot but no one 
seems to have an answer and I imagine it affects a lot of IOS versions based 
on this.

When running: 

	rancid -d router.domain.ie


        setenv NOPIPE YES

I can see that the issue is because the 'write term' is not echoed to screen:

router#show running-config
Building configuration...

Current configuration : 32864 bytes
ntp server

router#Building configuration...

Current configuration : 32864 bytes

and as such, rancid does not think the command executed. 

Now, I can do a local hack to work around this but I'd prefer a more 
universally acceptable and useful solution. 

I guess my question is does anyone have one or does anyone have an ideas?


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