[rancid] Re: RANCID to monitor files on Linux?

Mike Ashcraft mashcraft at omniture.com
Fri Jun 26 16:45:59 UTC 2009


A number of the devices rancid supports are Linux based.  The f5rancid script for supporting the F5 BigIP is an example.  You could modify it to cat configuration files or run any other command on a Linux host.

Before you spend too much time on this, consider your needs and rancid's capabilities.  There are a number of open source tools out there specifically designed to address server configuration management.  Rancid is targeted at devices [initially Cisco routers] that do not have the ability to do more than output their current state.


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Please forgive if I'm missing something obvious.  I did a little
research on this but didn't come up with much so I thought I'd ask the

Has anyone used RANCID to monitor config files on a Linux host?  To my
way of thinking, it should be fairly easy to do.  Telnet/SSH in, 'cat'
the file(s), log out.  I was thinking that it would be great to use
RANCID to monitor DNS zones, sendmail.cf, httpd.conf and similar files
to track changes others might be making.  Perhaps coding for the various
prompts returned by the different flavors of Linux would be a bit of a
challenge.  Thoughts?

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