[rancid] Re: [c-nsp] PIX/ASA Change Control

Paul G. Timmins ptimmins at clearrate.com
Fri Jun 26 16:57:14 UTC 2009

We use subversion, and giving web access to the repository through the
normal subversion frontend, no special additions, works for us, but our
needs have been basically just to get a last known good configuration to
blow onto a customer's replacement unit prior to dispatching a
technician. Works pretty well, as you can just download the file from
the repository, put it on the unit with xmodem over the serial port as
the startup-config, reboot, and you've got an identical copy of what was

We do this with Adtran Total Access 900 and Netvanta gear and our Cisco
CPE using the same config in Rancid (using "cisco" as the type works
just fine for Adtran AOS based gear) and it's a lifesaver.


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> Ryan West wrote:
> > I'm curious to see what others are using for a frontend to RANCID.
> Besides the emailing of the diff's that take place, what are others
> using to browse the repository?
> I'm not a CVS buff so I'm sure someone that falls into that category
> would have a better solution.  I currently just use the standard
> CGI.  It works well enough.  I keep it in a password protected
> directory
> on my servers.  Not overly elegant but it works well enough.
> Does anyone else have any other suggestions for a web GUI front-end to
> CVS for RANCID use?
> Justin
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