[rancid] Cisco 2600 and menu command

Iñaki Martinez Diez networking at hostalia.com
Tue Jun 30 07:49:11 UTC 2009


 I have several router Cisco 2600 in which the behaviour is the following:

 Telnet IP

 I got this promtpt:


 I enter the telnet_password

 I got a menu with the lines and option "0" (zero) to get the user 
prompt and then i am able to enter "enable" command:

 router> enable

 I have the following config in .cloginrc:

add method       r2600*    {telnet}
add user         r2600*    {user}
add userpassword r2600*    {user}
add password     r2600*    {telnet_pass} {enable_pass}
add autoenable   r2600*    {0}

 But the problem is that i need to enter option "0" to be able to enter 
enable password.

 How can i config rancid to get the config of this router ?

 Thanks in advance.

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