[rancid] Re: FreeBSD 7.2 & rancid/expect/tcl ports

Joon Yun jyun at m5net.com
Thu Sep 3 20:46:43 UTC 2009

Hello Mr. Zimmerman,

Just out of curiosity, what exactly happened when RANCID used to hang for you and did it just go away when you upgraded or did you actually discover a bug and it got fixed?

I hope you and the rest of gnag are doing well.

Joon Yun

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Sometimes I wish I was able to refer to a message that would get me out of a jam, so I thought I'd share the results of an upgrade I've just finished to my RANCID servers:

FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE-p3

rancid-2.3.2               Really Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ
expect-nox11-   A sophisticated scripter based on tcl/tk
tcl-8.4.19_3,1             Tool Command Language

All seems to be working well, no RANCID hangs since the upgrade on August 10th.


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