[rancid] Re: Trouble automating TFTP downloading using clogin

David Croft david at infotrek.co.uk
Tue Sep 1 21:25:57 UTC 2009

Your script may be stalling on a prompt. I use this script to turn off
file prompts before the copy:

clogin -c "conf t; file prompt quiet; exit; copy
scp://user:pass@server/$script running-config; conf t; no file prompt
quiet" $router


2009/9/1 ML <ml at kenweb.org>:
> I'm trying to script clogin to login to some switches and pull an IOS
> image via tftp.
> clogin -t 300 -c 'copy tftp:// flash:'
> I see the copy command appear to execute on the remote switch but the
> operation ever starts.  I verified with remote tftp server that not a
> single packet ever reaches it.  There is essentially zero output during
> the vty session after the copy starts.  I can successfully execute other
> commands, just not 'copy'.
> What could be happening?
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