[rancid] Hello All & a little help?

Ben Granholm bgranholm at corp.crocker.com
Fri Apr 2 14:07:11 UTC 2010

Greetings everyone!

I am new to the list as well as new to Rancid. I am a linux novice and got Rancid easily set up on CentOS 5.4, I think due to the fact that it is awesomely user friendly. However, I really need it to both be web viewable as well as set to log router changes as they happen. With CentOS there doesn't seem to be a package to view CVS, which I installed it with. Anyone out there have any experience with this? I could write pages manually using perl and apache but would rather not re-invent the wheel if at all possible.
Also, currently it is set to poll in cron every hour. I can obviously shorten that time interval but is there some way to set traps up on the router to trigger a polling on the Rancid machine? Anyone out there doing anything like this?

Any help you can offer would be appreciated.


Ben Granholm
System Administrator
Crocker Communications Inc.
E-Mail: bgranholm at corp.crocker.com

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