[rancid] Re: rancid and git

seph seph at directionless.org
Thu Apr 22 17:44:43 UTC 2010

Joel Krauska <jkrauska at gmail.com> writes:

> On 4/22/10 8:49 AM, seph wrote:
>> The idea of having the configs pushed into a more central repo where I
>> can then pull them to my laptop for reading/grepping/etc is
>> appealing. And that's something git supports better than cvs and svn.
> how exactly does git support pulling this better than svn?
> git clone
> vs
> svn checkout
> ?

I've only just started switching to git from svn. I've been finding it
much cleaner for this sort of thing, but its hard to clearly explain

In svn, I'd need to stick the central repo somewhere, and then do a
bunch of checkin operations on the rancid machine. It would work, but it
would be a little slow, and I'd probably need to do checkouts too, and
handling merges is a little scary and probably requires me to think

In git, I've been finding the actual process much cleaner. A bunch of
checkins locally, and a simpler push change sets out. Yes it still needs
a central point, but it's been much faster, and just smoother. Way
cleaner merges too.

Sure, it's small things. And rancid doesn't need to support it. But it
seems like there are new patches for this every couple years. 


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