[rancid] Rancid doesnt backup anything

Schnatterer, Michael michael.schnatterer at siemens.com
Tue Dec 21 13:49:42 UTC 2010


I have a big problem:
I have installed rancid and it works perfectly but by some devices Rancid do nothing, it means the log files are empty and rancid doesn't backup any Configuration. Something that I recognized is, if I try "clogin Device_IP" he connect to the device. But if i type in show running-config nothing happens and a Time out reached.

Here an example out of cloginrc:
Add user  * "User"
add password DevicePW EnPW
add autoenable 1

Things that I tried out:
Router.db is right
I change the autoenable status to 0
I hang on the domain

There are standart cisco switches why it doesn't work???

Thanks for the help


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