[rancid] Cisco WAE (WAAS) units

James M Keller jmkeller at houseofzen.org
Tue Feb 16 16:05:33 UTC 2010

I know there was some discussion in the archives about getting these 
working (even basic show run, writer term, etc).

The problem is in rancid:WriteTerm sub, there is a block to compress '!' 
lines to a singe line, which ends up dropping the "! End of WAAS 
configuration" marker line and leaving the singe '!'.   At least in the 
4.x WAAS code, there are two '!' lines and then the '! End of WAAS 
configuration" line.

The fix is to  add an end of config check above this comment line 
compression function:

         # Cisco WAAS WAE units prefix End of command line with '!'

         # Neet to check for end of config here before skipping comments

         if (/^! End of WAAS configuration/) {

             $found_end = 1;



         # skip consecutive comment lines to avoid oscillating extra comment

         # line on some access servers.  grrr.

         if (/^!/) {

             next if ($comment);





I haven't looked at the current code, this was against Debian lenny's 

James M Keller

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