[rancid] Re: Cisco WLC Backups

Ron Whitney ron.whitney at doitbest.com
Sat Feb 20 20:42:32 UTC 2010

Hi.  I'm have a WLC4402 running  I'm having only mild
success getting RANCID to work.  Ryan's ciscowlc5 script works better as
my WLC does not support the 'show running-config' command.  In executing
'ciscowlc5 -d <device>' it appears that the 'show udi' and 'show
sysinfo' commands work properly but the 'show run-config commands'
command hangs at the 'Press Enter to continue Or <Ctl Z> to abort'
prompt.  Any recommendations?  Thanks in advance.

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	This is what I use with some slight modifications that the
original author had in place.  I think the command file could be
combined into a single file for wlc 4's and 5's, but changing 'show
run-config' to 'show run'.


	Just call from each in rancid-fe.




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	I've been searching the archives for a complete how-to on
getting a successful backup on a Cisco WLC (we're using a 5508) using
Rancid.  Has anyone had any luck?  I've found bits and pieces in
different emails but nothing complete.


	Thanks in advance,




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