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Ryan West rwest at zyedge.com
Wed Feb 17 14:21:39 UTC 2010


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> Subject: Cisco WLC
> Hello All,
> I have seen on this board scripts to backup cisco WLC devices. What is
> the suggested procedure to include:
> wlogin and ciscowlc scripts in standard rancid.
> Do you have to update the normal rancid script to call these?
> How do you configure router.db file e.g
> mydevice:ciscowlc:up

Yup, unless it's a version 5, in which case it would be ciscowlc5.  The only difference is that 'show running-config' (version 4) has been moved to 'show run-config commands' in version 5.  Pretty sure with basic version check, the proper command file could be parsed.

> Any inputs are much appreciated.
> As Jeremy suggested it would be nice if there was a little Howto as
> some people already have this working.

Place wlogin, ciscowlc, and ciscowlc5 in your bin directory of the RANCID install.  Then add the following two lines to your $PREFIX/bin/rancid-fe file:

    'cisco-wlc'         => 'ciscowlc',
    'cisco-wlc5'         => 'ciscowlc5',

That should be it.


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