[rancid] Re: Cisco WAE (WAAS) units

James M Keller jmkeller at houseofzen.org
Wed Feb 17 14:49:00 UTC 2010

On 2/16/2010 7:41 PM, john heasley wrote:
> Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 03:50:37PM -0500, James M Keller:
>> On 2/16/2010 11:05 AM, James M Keller wrote:
>>> I know there was some discussion in the archives about getting these
>>> working (even basic show run, writer term, etc).
>>> The problem is in rancid:WriteTerm sub, there is a block to compress
>>> '!' lines to a singe line, which ends up dropping the "! End of WAAS
>>> configuration" marker line and leaving the singe '!'.   At least in
>>> the 4.x WAAS code, there are two '!' lines and then the '! End of WAAS
>>> configuration" line.
>>> The fix is to  add an end of config check above this comment line
>>> compression function:
>>>          # Cisco WAAS WAE units prefix End of command line with '!'
>>>          # Neet to check for end of config here before skipping comments
>>>          if (/^! End of WAAS configuration/) {
>>>              $found_end = 1;
>>>              return(0);
>>>          }
>>>          # skip consecutive comment lines to avoid oscillating extra
>>> comment
>>>          # line on some access servers.  grrr.
>>>          if (/^!/) {
> how about
> if (/^!\s*$/) {

John,  probably not a bad idea.   I was just leaving what was in the 
2.3.2 code as is to get the WAE fetching working.  The end of config 
check could then be put lower down in WriteTerm along with the IOS/PIX 
check or merged into that check line itself.

>>>              next if ($comment);
>>>              ProcessHistory("","","",$_);
>>>              $comment++;
>>>              next;
>>>          }
>>> I haven't looked at the current code, this was against Debian lenny's
>>> version.
>>> -- 
>>> ---
>>> James M Keller
>> It looks like lenny is 2.3.2 code (listed as current on shrubbery.net),
>> so I can do diff's when I'm down adding int WAE support to the main
>> rancid script.  Central manager configs are retrievable from CLI.  At
>> best you could script the command to dump the database to XML on the CM
>> file system and then try more dbfile.xml to terminal.   But the admin
>> guide notes it's resource intensive to do the export.  At least I'm able
>> to grab the acceleration-engine configs and also grab WAAS specific info
>> as comment entries.  I'm likely going to have to tweak some of it to
>> parse out updating data like session counters, so not ready to dump a
>> diff yet.   Also added WCCP info as comments for both the WAEs and Cisco
>> IOS, as our shop is using the WCCP rather then in-line for these.   If
>> show ip wccp returns not eabled or invalid, etc it skips it like any
>> other invalid command for a platform.
> if i understand this; i'd create a separate rancid script for this thing.

At least in the 4.x code branch it is at least as IOS-ish as PIX/ASAs.   
I added comment captures for show ip wccp / show wccp (ios/waas) and 
show cms (waas), and it's not a lot of parsing.  ShowCMS will return(1) 
if the type is set to WAAS (which gets set from updated ShowVersion to 
include WAAS/WAE parsing).

The show wccp capture is useful for the IOS systems that have it 
configured, as systems can negotiate return types other then the 
preference set in the configuration.   So it is handy to be able to 
track the status as "! WCCP : <line>" entries in the rancid diffs if 
something changes.   I've had to un-scramble a 50 site WAE deployment 
when someone new changed something incorrectly in the Central Manager 
and broke WCCP between the IOS and WAAS WAEs due to configured vs 
negotiated return types.   With my local changes this can be tracked as 
to what the router/switch and WAE where working under at previous 
polling periods.

Some folks may also be using WCCP for web-cache, I don't have any setups 
that use wccp for that, but the ShowWCCP sub could updated for that and 
a show ip wccp web-cache command added that uses it (I'm actually 
grabbing show ip wccp 61 and show ip wccp 62 at the moment)


James M Keller

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