[rancid] Re: Cisco WAE (WAAS) units

James M Keller jmkeller at houseofzen.org
Wed Feb 17 15:49:27 UTC 2010

On 2/17/2010 9:49 AM, James M Keller wrote:
> At least in the 4.x code branch it is at least as IOS-ish as PIX/ASAs.
> I added comment captures for show ip wccp / show wccp (ios/waas) and
> show cms (waas), and it's not a lot of parsing.  ShowCMS will return(1)
> if the type is set to WAAS (which gets set from updated ShowVersion to
> include WAAS/WAE parsing).

Slight correction to myself - ShowCMS will return(1) if type != WAAS

I'll probably tweak things this week and cut a diff for anyone interested.

James M Keller

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