[rancid] Re: Cisco WAE (WAAS) units

john heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Wed Feb 17 23:30:16 UTC 2010

Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 09:49:00AM -0500, James M Keller:
>>> It looks like lenny is 2.3.2 code (listed as current on shrubbery.net),
>>> so I can do diff's when I'm down adding int WAE support to the main
>>> rancid script.  Central manager configs are retrievable from CLI.  At
>>> best you could script the command to dump the database to XML on the CM
>>> file system and then try more dbfile.xml to terminal.   But the admin
>>> guide notes it's resource intensive to do the export.  At least I'm able
>>> to grab the acceleration-engine configs and also grab WAAS specific info
>>> as comment entries.  I'm likely going to have to tweak some of it to
>>> parse out updating data like session counters, so not ready to dump a
>>> diff yet.   Also added WCCP info as comments for both the WAEs and Cisco
>>> IOS, as our shop is using the WCCP rather then in-line for these.   If
>>> show ip wccp returns not eabled or invalid, etc it skips it like any
>>> other invalid command for a platform.
>> if i understand this; i'd create a separate rancid script for this thing.
> At least in the 4.x code branch it is at least as IOS-ish as PIX/ASAs.    

and, I should have made those a separate script.  contain the ugly.

> I added comment captures for show ip wccp / show wccp (ios/waas) and  
> show cms (waas), and it's not a lot of parsing.  ShowCMS will return(1)  
> if the type is set to WAAS (which gets set from updated ShowVersion to  
> include WAAS/WAE parsing).
> The show wccp capture is useful for the IOS systems that have it  
> configured, as systems can negotiate return types other then the  
> preference set in the configuration.   So it is handy to be able to  
> track the status as "! WCCP : <line>" entries in the rancid diffs if  
> something changes.   I've had to un-scramble a 50 site WAE deployment  
> when someone new changed something incorrectly in the Central Manager  
> and broke WCCP between the IOS and WAAS WAEs due to configured vs  
> negotiated return types.   With my local changes this can be tracked as  
> to what the router/switch and WAE where working under at previous  
> polling periods.

so, add the wccp for ios, but it still seems the WAE device should be
a separate script.

> Some folks may also be using WCCP for web-cache, I don't have any setups  
> that use wccp for that, but the ShowWCCP sub could updated for that and  
> a show ip wccp web-cache command added that uses it (I'm actually  
> grabbing show ip wccp 61 and show ip wccp 62 at the moment)
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> ---
> James M Keller

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